The First 40 Days

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We are 40 days into our 2018-2019 season officially and we have already accomplished alot inside this little Club of ours. New structure, a PSO team visit, new merchandise pouring in and so many program enriching projects underway. We've hit the ground running and there's no sign of stopping.

Our swimmers arrived with a new hunger to get back into the water, and begin to elevate their swim experience starting on day 1. In our club we try to front-end load our athletes and our families with as much relevant information as we can to help the optimize their success. 30 days in and we've covered Swim Meets & Officials, with more parent sessions - Recovery & Fatigue Management - The Female Athlete, and new this year, an Olympian Visit soon to follow. By Christmas we will have hosted our first ever Provincial Level meet, and of course, our own Distance and IM Challenge meet.

Swim Alberta joined myself and our coaching team for the first time in Club history, diving into the what's and why's of our program and its vision. Jackie Cool, Sport Development Director and Dr. Stephen Norris, High Performance Director, both from Swim Alberta, joined me over a few coffees to talk all things swimming, and all things Cochrane. The overall message was inspiring and, if I'm being honest, validating. We really are seeing our pathway of leading-edge innovation starting to take shape, and the industry is noticing. No pressure!

It's important we continue the practice of pause, to look back, in order to see how far we've come. But only for a moment, our path is forward all the way - because that's the direction we're going.

And so this blog, the First 40 Days, is the first of many, offering an opportunity for learning and education, opportunities to hear stories we feel are worth telling and so much more. The breadth and depth of this Club extends to every single member who is part of this community, this family, and it's time we recognized and celebrated this family in a big way.

This sister site was created to elevate our membership experience, and also to serve as a platform for so much more. It will evolve, as we evolve, grow, as we grow and it is our hope it will connect us all even more.

Keep checking back for updated info, events, store collections and more opportunities to learn, participate and elevate your experience with us!